Official Protocols

Protocols for boarding:


1) Proof of complete vaccination of participants: all guests must provide proof of vaccination with a full cycle (single dose or double dose) having taken within 14 days or more of the departure date. Proof of vaccination must be printed by the ConectSUS application or other proof of vaccination printed as long as it has the respective “QR Code” (Brazilian passengers) or printed by the official entity of the respective country (Brazilian passengers residing abroad or foreign passengers). Vaccines accepted for cruises will be those approved by PNI/Anvisa (Brazilian entity) and/or those approved by WHO.

2) Presentation of a negative laboratory test for screening for Sars-CoV-2 (Covid-19) infection: all guests (Brazilian or foreign passengers) must present a negative clinical examination result, and *RT-PCR test (with testing) will be accepted if performed within 48 hours prior to boarding* or antigen test (with testing performed within 24 hours prior to boarding**). We recommend the third generation antigen test.

**As instructed by Costa Crociere, the period for taking the exam was changed from 72h to 48h;
**Boarding is the period referring to the departure time of passengers (from 12pm to 17pm on dec, 9). Therefore, the tests must consider the time of boarding to respect the expiration dates.

3) Traveler’s Health Declaration: upon boarding, all guests must present a completed and signed form within 6 hours before boarding with the “Traveller’s Health Declaration” following the Anvisa (Brazilian entity) model that will be made available by Costa together with other documents of Check-in and Boarding, including the early Web-Checkin that will be sent together with the terms of responsibility and regulations of the festival on board the ship, already accepted by all passengers at the time of purchase.

4) “Covid-19” insurance: will be recommended by Costa Cruises to all passengers due to the local operational plans in the municipalities where our itinerary stops. H&H will offer the possibility for the passenger to purchase an “upgrade” from the basic insurance already included in all packages if you want to purchase the plan with “Covid coverage”. In addition, the passenger is free to choose another insurance with “Covid coverage” directly or your boarding will be subject to signing a liability waiver at the Port, and may be restricted in not disembarking at stops and events on land (which may change).

5) Maximum occupancy of 75% of the vessel was reduced: with the objective of the greatest possible transparency, maintaining its credibility, H&H had already anticipated this possible reduction in the maximum capacity and had STOP SALES on August/21 in order to comply with such determination, with cabin reservations for cases of contingency and isolation. In this sense, our Waiting List as well as any and all packages for this year’s festival are completely SOLD OUT! In addition, we emphasize that, unlike previous editions, we will be extremely strict with regard to all the rules of our festival regulations, in particular for closing deadlines for any and all changes to reservations (ex. changes, exchanges and passenger appointments) or even pending issues of any nature that end definitively on November, 24 or 2021 so that all Check-in and Boarding documentation can be issued directly by Costa Cruises. Stay tuned!


Protocols during the cruise and festival:


6) Distance between groups of travelers of at least 1.5 meters in specific areas on the cruise ship: even though we are a “single charter group”, social distancing in areas of the cruise ship, primarily in bars, restaurants and derivatives, will be recommended.

7) Use of individual masks: it will be mandatory to use masks on board, at stops and in the passenger terminal, and once again its recommended, primarily in bars, restaurants and derivatives, except for swimming pools and wet areas.

8) Random onboard testing: the cruise ship’s owner, Costa Cruises, will carry out a minimum of daily random onboard tests (10% of the crew and 10% of the passengers, every day) throughout our festival.

9) Musical events allowed on board the cruise ship: all program of regular events will take place outdoors on the external cruise ship decks (Stages in the Aft and Central Pools), as well as other simultaneous events or experiential line-ups will take place indoors, however with certain established limitations. In this sense, see small changes and adjustments that we had in the festival’s program on board the ship, keeping practically everything that H&H had previously announced.

10) Other mitigation measures and health assistance on board will be taken and can be consulted in detail in the final links on this page: training of crew and service providers, hand hygiene, buffet food services served by the crew, health team on board qualified and trained, constant monitoring, cleaning and disinfection, special management of solid waste and the onboard ventilation system, among others.


Protocols at stops and events on land:


11) Stops and events on land are authorized (may change at any time without prior notice): H&H’s itinerary is confirmed (Port of Santos/SP – Ilhabela/SP – Angra dos Reis/RJ – Port of Santo/SP), and the embarkation and disembarkation of passengers participating in the festival are free to participate in “land events”, provided that they are private and comply with local sanitary measures and the protocols of their municipalities, as well as the respective operational plans signed between the shipping company (Costa Cruises) and each of the local Governments.

12) Other mitigation measures and health assistance at stops and land events: any limitation on boarding and disembarking the cruise ship for the respective municipalities of events on land, especially due to local limitations, constant monitoring and procedures with local service providers and/or workers of such events. In the extreme case of the need to change the itinerary to a location other than the one previously announced, the disembarkation/boarding of passengers at the new regular stop will be allowed without holding local events on land. We remind you that the holding of events on land is subject to weather conditions and local safety protocols against Covid-19 contagion from the cruise ship and local governments.

Complementary protocols and other information:


13) In addition, Costa Cruises established with the Brazilian and international authorities, some protocols and complementary restrictions, always aiming at the health and well-being of all its passengers, crew and contributors, such as:

○ The shipping company (Costa Cruises) reserves the right to refuse boarding or ordering the boarding of passengers if the health conditions or requested information mean that they cannot travel or enter the cruise ship in accordance with current health and safety regulations, or if these people refuse to provide the necessary information and/or documents, or to undergo health screening carried out on board.

○ Passengers, crew and contributors must agree with the “Costa Safety Protocol”. People who do not comply with these procedures will be disembarked, and Costa Cruises or H&H will not be liable for any other damages that these people may suffer as a result of this disembarkation.

○ Passengers with serious illnesses and in need of constant assistance are prohibited from boarding cruises according to Costa, exclusively for people with severe respiratory failure or need for oxygen or mechanical ventilatory support; people with immune system failure or under treatment with immunosuppressive therapy.

○ Additional restrictions such as people over 65 years of age or people suffering from 3 or more of the following medical conditions regardless of their age such as: ischemic heart disease, atrial fibrillation, heart failure, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, chronic lung disease, chronic liver disease, chronic kidney failure/dialysis, autoimmune diseases, obesity, cancer under treatment; should consult their physician before booking a cruise.

○ All protocols may be changed at any time without prior notice. It is recommended to check the status of your reservation, even if confirmed, the day before your departure!


IMPORTANT: In addition, foreign passengers must follow additional protocols for entry into Brazil (effective upon arrival/return).



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