H&H Manifest


We were born with the purpose of breaking barriers, providing our audience with freedom to be in a magical place, bringing great shows in an environment with an exciting atmosphere, creating a planet with a parallel reality, where people interact with each other as if they were a big family connecting new and old friends.

We have become a multicultural platform, not only with parties, but also with great experiences. We are an energy that makes everything possible. We left our comfort zone more than a decade ago to create a new market, a place where people could be free and be who they really are. For us at H&H, there is no greater gratitude than the shine in our passenger´s eyes after each festival, there is no greater gratitude than when we hear that the best days of the year for these people are at our festivals, there is no greater gratitude…

And speaking of gratitude, we will always thank our audience for their trust and affection. Our products and services are created by you and for you. Many of our passengers buy a wrapped “box” every year without knowing what is inside. Thank you for placing at H&H an expectation increasingly high, as this is, and always will be, our greatest challenge: work creatively to deliver what no one expects, creating unforgettable memories!


H&H was created on behalf of HELL & HEAVEN festival, but from the beginning it had a clear strategy of diversifying its business areas following its position of providing tourism and entertainment to the LGBTQ+ market, nationally and internationally, putting Brazil in evidence on the scene worldwide, with avant-garde and remarkable experiences, having as pillars the music, gastronomy, arts, culture, lifestyle and well-being, both for our customers, as for our partners, collaborators and suppliers. We are exclusive, but we do not exclude. We have a mission to not only cultivate passengers, but above all we do cultivate fans.


After more than a decade, H&H is in a new phase of excellence, expanding its business areas to new sectors within the entertainment and tourism market in Brazil and abroad. We have the vision of consolidating ourselves as a reference, as a seal of quality, committed to the diversity, well-being and life of our customers and our community.


More than values, H&H has fundamental pillars of its essence, among them, we can mention: Challenge, Creativity, Credibility, Diversity, Emotion, Energy, Experience, Freedom, Friendship, Fun, Gratitude, Happiness, Innovation, Magic, Professionalism, Quality, Trust… finally creating unique and unforgettable Moments and Memories.