I’m afraid to spend my money now and buy something that I don’t even know if it will happen. What do H&H have to tell me about this?


If you’ve been to any of our festivals, you know what we’re going to say now… If you’ve never been, pay attention: H&H FESTIVAL, or HELL & HEAVEN for “the intimate” is more than a festival or an event, we are an experience, we are a mean for you to enter a magical planet and discover during those days we spent together (whether in a Resort or on a Ship Cruise) an energy that makes everything possible!
In this sense, without pretensions, we would like everyone to see (as many already do) H&H as a big investment in entertainment, an investment in fun, an opportunity to be free, to be who you really are, even for a few days in the year, but days that will be unique and will mark your life with unforgettable memories. Even more in the moment we live in now, a moment that deserves (you deserve) to be with us at H&H FESTIVAL 2021 – Cruise Edition, which has already been postponed to next year precisely because we value everyone’s LIFE and HEALTH first.

Even when returning from regular cruises, how will be the positioning of the festival?


There is another analysis that does not depend on government releases or legal issues for the realization of our festival. Regardless of the release of big festivals in Brazil, or the resumption of tourism and entertainment activity in the world, or the release of passenger sea cruises, we have another very important issue: H&H Entretenimento will hold the festival on board Costa Favolosa cruise ship with absolutely sure about SAFETY and HEALTH of everyone on board (passengers, crew, partners, suppliers and employees). This is another commitment that we assume now with our entire production chain, including all passengers, because in addition to monitoring the global situation, we are taking preventive measures to preserve everyone’s life, even in line with one of our fundamental pillars of “H&H LIFE” that we have worked for years.

How the global situation is impacting the festival’s programming?


ALL artists and label parties previously announced are CONFIRMED for the new H&H Festival 2021 – Cruise Edition. We would like to say beforehand that H&H has been working very early (since September of 2019) in the production and programming of our festival on board a ship cruise. We will bring to our audience very cool innovations, new national and international partnerships, events, simultaneous activities and much more.

In this sense, we can say that today we already have about 90% of the program of H&H Festival contracted. What we can assure the audience is that this year’s H&H program will undoubtedly be one of the best ever seen in our history, with great news for the coming months. We can mention some players that we have already posted and that we are grateful to have transfer your credibility to our festival and reaffirming your commitment to H&H, as Forever Tel Aviv and Sagi Kariv who will perform at one of the night events on board, Bigger Party which will have a parallel program of events and activities, in addition to our DJs from H&H Dream Team and many other artists, label parties and news that will be announced soon.

Even with the reopening, is it really safe for a cruise and a festival? What steps has H&H been taking?


In addition to all concern that H&H has with everyone’s SAFETY and HEALTH, as we have already stated with our traditional “H&H LIFE” campaign, for example, H&H set up a crisis committee, including a medical board, which is analyzing several measures information and prevention “calls to action”.

In addition to the actions of our partners (such as Costa Crociere itself, which since before the end of its season in Brazil, has already expanded medical and health surveillance standards for boarding on its cruise ships, such as medical questionnaire, temperature measurement, increased cabin and public areas hygiene, among others; or TravelAce Insurance, the festival’s official insurer, insurance is included in all H&H packages) we are already studying complementary actions, following resumption protocols, such as: mass testing before boarding all passengers and crew, special welcome kit at check-in with security “PPE”, mass vaccination or vaccination card control (if any, until boarding), hygiene tunnels and boarding control (people and bags), social actions, among others.

That is, depending on how the situation will be, in addition to all actions of our government, the shipowner, the Port and everything else, H&H is already preparing additional preventive measures on its own to ensure extra security to everyone who will be with us at this great festival in 2021.

Can we trust in H&H Entretenimento?


We believe that our history precedes us… We have more than 12 years of experience and among all our essences and fundamental pillars of our positioning and vision, we have Trust, Credibility, Professionalism and Quality. We are committed to the diversity, well-being and life of our audience and our community. As our manifesto says, we are grateful that many of our passengers have already bought a very tightly wrapped “box” without knowing what is inside. We have a mission to not only cultivate passengers, but above all to win fans. So, if we have a certainty in life, it is that everyone can trust us (whether new or old passengers and fans of H&H).

A special message from H&H…


We sincerely believe that the main question should not be if “this festival is really going to happen”, because YES it will happen! Or even if “it all goes away”, as this situation will GO away! The question we should be asking is what we are doing today for our community. Our activities cannot and will not stop, we work with dreams and magic, and this flame will never go out. We count on you, today and always, we will see each other at H&H FESTIVAL on our Ship Cruises and at our Resorts, be in 2021, 2022, 2023,…, strong, always!

Why was this date chosen for the H&H cruise?

The date of our cruise was chosen very carefully of the new ship dynamics on the Brazilian coast by season, as it arrives in Brazil in December every year. In addition, we have the issue of boarding and disembarkation times, as well as all onboard and shore party schedules, as we will have a new format of events and bring many surprises that will be announced soon. Wait!

Will this be the only H&H edition in 2021 or will have a Resort like every year?

YES this will be the only edition of H&H in 2021! The big annual edition of the H&H Festival 2021 will take place on board the ship exclusively.

What will the ship be?

Welcome aboard COSTA FAVOLOSA at the H&H Festival 2021 – Cruise Edition! An international ship cruise, directly from Italy, with a capacity of almost 5,000 people (including guests and crew), with 290 meters and 114,500 tons! A unique cruise that will take you to explore the Hidden Oceans of our Secret Planet next year.

What will be the itinerary?

The entire itinerary of our cruise will be announced soon, but we can anticipate that we will have 3 amazing destinations and 2 stops.

What are the cruise stops?

Soon we will disclose the official itinerary.

What to do if the ship’s itinerary is changed within a few days of departure?

Stops and itineraries are subject to change due to weather factors, for example.

Will have ground tickets be sold?

Yes. Details of onboard and shore parties, as well as cruise stops and itinerary will be announced shortly.

Where will the ship depart?

Port of Santos (Sao Paulo) which is the largest port in Latin America.

Why choose a cruise? Is it really comfortable?

It’s a totally innovative experience that H&H uniquely brings to you.

Is there a special wedding / honeymoon program?

Yes. Full program coming soon.

Can I celebrate my honeymoon on a cruise?

Yes. Full program coming soon.

Is travel insurance necessary?

We have already included TravelAce travel insurance in your package (see all rules, conditions and restrictions), in fact our insurance included in all packages cover any and all factors related to Covid-19 and more. If you want to buy complementary insurance feel free.

Can I board another destination (stop) or do I need to board and land in Santos?

No. Every embarkation and disembarkation of our cruise will be in the Port of Santos (SP).

Where should I buy my airline tickets?

São Paulo / SP (GRU, CGH or VCP).

Will there be transfer to Port of Santos?

Yes. Transfer Sao Paulo Airport (GRU or CGH) / Port of Santos – Cruise Passenger Terminal / Sao Paulo Airport (GRU or CGH). Buy online it now!

What are the accepted payment methods?

International Regular Packages are sold by international non-present credit card (issued outside Brazil).

Should I pay additional fees and charges amounts?

No! All mandatory port and service charges and fees are already included in the value of your package.

Should I tip the cruise staff?

It is not mandatory as all mandatory port and service charges are already included in the value of your package.

What will the Pre Check-In be like?

At the end of your reservation on our system (once your cabin has been fully paid and confirmed) you will be able to receive the H&H voucher that is your travel guarantee. Within 10 days of boarding, when will no longer be allowed to make any changes or inclusion of passengers to your reservation, we will email you a link with all instructions for you to pre-check in online, as well as print the labels of your luggage. IMPORTANT: Update your H&H customer service registration with REQUIRED information for your shipment (full name and companions, ID or Passport number, date of birth and contact mobile number)!

Will you have partnerships with Parking at Porto of Santos?

No, but there is an official outsourced parking at Port or Santos. However, we recommend purchasing our In/Out Transfer to Port of Santos, along with other additional and extra services (http://www.planetahh.com.br/en/packages/extras/).

Recommendations for departure day?

Some – we will detail it soon.

What documentation should I bring for the cruise?

Foreign passengers must carry valid original Passport with entry visa (if required).

What is a guaranteed cabin?

These are predetermined cabins at the time of purchase. Soon more details. Cabin or Suite numbers (even those with preferential pre-allocation) will be entered only on the day before departure with submission of Check-in Documentation and Check-In Voucher.

Are excursions optional?

Yes. Full program coming soon.

Is it mandatory to book excursions on a cruise?


What are the characteristics of the cabins?

Cabin detailing, see: http://www.planetahh.com.br/en/cruise/cabins-and-suites/

What is the boarding time for a cruise?

Check-in will take place from 12:00 (noon) until 6:00PM from the date of departure. Check-in schedule soon.

Recommendations for check-out day?

Check-out will take place from 08:00AM until 10:00AM on the date of disembarkation. Check-out schedule soon.

What does not include cruise package?

Full program coming soon! See the different types of International Regular Packages at http://www.planetahh.com.br/en/packages/regular-packages/.

What does cruise package include?

Full program coming soon! See the different types of International Regular Packages at http://www.planetahh.com.br/en/packages/regular-packages/.

Do I have to get vaccinated to cruise?

There are no medical restrictions for passengers off the coast of Brazil. However it is always good to have your vaccination card up to date. Additional health and safety measures (such as special vaccines, if any) for Covid-19 may be required and will be announced soon!

I am motor disabled. Can I take a cruise?

Of course yes! See all PNE (adapted) cabin/stateroom options.

Are all internal cabins at the cruise the same?

Yes. The internal staterooms are the same, there may be a difference in style and decoration only, what changes are the floors of the ship where it is located. Outside cabins/staterooms may have obstructed view window (see).

What kind of external cabins/staterooms can I find on a boat?

Cabin/Staterooms detailing, see: http://www.planetahh.com.br/en/cruise/cabins-and-suites/.

Can I customize my cabin as on overseas themed cruises?

Yes, feel free to customize your cabin door as it happens on theme cruises around the world, use your creativity!

How should I dress on the cruise?

As this is an exclusive charter, no special dress code is required (except for hygiene issues such as the use of swimwear in restaurants and the like).

Do you eat well on a cruise?

Yes. The ship has different buffet or a la carte restaurants (included in your package) or special themed a la carte restaurants (with separate reservations and payments).

Will we have all inclusive system as in the resort?

The ship’s system will be Premium Full Board (see details). There are drinks packages that can be purchased separately (see at http://www.planetahh.com.br/en/packages/extras/ – remembering that some extras on board will only be valid for purchase from all members of the same cabin/stateroom), as well as some categories of Regular Packages staterooms and suites will include this service (see).

What is gala dinner?

Full program coming soon.

How are payments made on board?

Onboard payments are made exclusively through an international credit card which is enabled on your onboard account at check-in or cash via “preload”. Remembering that all values ​​traded on board are in US Dollars (USD).

Will I be communicable during the cruise?

Yes! When the ship is near shore or at stops, your mobile phone is normally. When the ship is sailing, all calls are satellite at the cost of international calls, and there are wifi packages on board for purchase and payment separately.

During a cruise the ship rocks a lot?

It depends on speed, wind, weather and a number of factors (such as the location of your cabin or where you are on the ship, such as the front, back or center), but relax that a ship of this size does not sway so much.

What happens in case of illness?

All medical care of the ship is performed at the ship’s medical station and under the responsibility of the cruise staff. As all onboard medical care is paid separately, we include TravelAce Insurance in your package which reimburses any medical care you may need (see all rules, conditions and restrictions at http://www.hhentretenimento.com.br/hh2021/produtos/HH2021_SeguroTravelAce.pdf). It is worth mentioning that prevention measures and special protocols against Covid-19 and in relation to the current pandemic will be taken and announced at an opportune time, involving before, during and after the cruise and festival!.

Is smoking allowed on board?

Yes, but only in navigation and in predetermined areas.

What is day-by-day?

Full program coming soon.

Is it possible to change cabin after boarding?

See all Package, Cruise and Ship Rules and Conditions at http://www.hhentretenimento.com.br/hh2021/produtos/HH2021_RulesConditions.pdf.

Is it possible to have breakfast in the cabin/stateroom?

Depending on the type of Cabin/Stateroom or Special Suite yes, consult!

Is it possible to bring pets onboard?

No! Except for special conditions such as guide dogs (see).

Are there daily activities on the cruise?

Full program coming soon. In addition to our onboard and onshore parties and events, H&H will maintain most of the regular cruise activities, as well as the differentials of our new Experiential Line-ups, including Casino, shows and more!

How can I know the daily activities on board the ship?

Full program coming soon.

Are there any shops on board?


Can I do laundry on board a cruise?

Yes! Laundry service with separate payment.

What restrictions are there on a cruise to take on board or what are the rules and conditions of the festival on board the ship?

See all details of the Rules and Conditions at the time of your booking! Or download it at: http://www.hhentretenimento.com.br/hh2021/produtos/HH2021_RulesConditions.pdf.

Can I have internet on board a cruise?

Yes! Internet package is sold separately.

Will I meet a lot of people during the cruise?

Yes! People from different parts of Brazil and abroad like every year at H&H!

Will I have dinner shift? Can I change the dinner shift after being on board?

Full program coming soon! See the details of Gastronomy on board at http://www.planetahh.com.br/en/cruise/gastronomy/.

How does security aboard a cruise ship work?

All cruise security personnel are the responsibility of the ship’s officers, as well as the Brazilian Federal Police.

What is the official language on board?

Portuguese, but the ship’s staff speaks primarily English and several other languages.

When / how should I schedule my return flight home?

Check-in / out details soon.

After all, what is the BIG DIFFERENTIAL of this cruise?

All H&H energy aboard a ship! We wait you all onbord!




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