WELCOME ABOARD! Brazilian Government AUTHORIZES our 2021/22 Cruise Ship season. Check the Frequently Asked Questions including Official Protocols!

The officialization took place after the publication of Ordinance No. 657, of October 2nd, as well as Ordinance No. 658, of October 5th and approval of the Protocols by Anvisa through Resolution RDC 574, of October 29th, by the competent national authorities of Brazil approving the return of cruises in Brazilian waters, approving the 2021/22 season and deliberating the official protocols. Check out some of the specific FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about these protocols!

What vaccines will be accepted?

Vaccines accepted for shipment will be those approved by PNI/Anvisa and/or those approved by WHO. See all information about complete protocols!

What happens to people who are immunocompromised or who cannot get vaccinated?

Unfortunately, they will not be able to board. Consult the special cancellation policies for these specific cases until November 24, 2021.

Will there be boarding restrictions for other diseases or age restrictions?

YES, in the case of people with severe respiratory failure or need for oxygen or mechanical ventilatory support; people with immune system failure or under treatment with immunosuppressive therapy; or people over 65 years of age or suffering from 3 or more specific medical conditions. See all information about complete protocols!

Will any vaccination booklet stamped or signed by the person who administered the vaccine be accepted?

NO, only vaccination vouchers issued with a minimum of 14 days from the last vaccination application on the boarding date and printed by the official entity of the respective country (Brazilian passengers residing abroad or foreign passengers). See all information about full protocols as well as Check-in and Boarding details!

What will be the proof of vaccination for foreigners?

Vaccination vouchers printed by the official agency of the respective country (Brazilian passengers residing abroad or foreign passengers) will be accepted as long as they are approved by WHO.

Will there be any testing option (RT-PCR) on board the ship for foreign passengers who need the exam in time to leave Brazil on Sunday?

NO, only random testing of crew and passengers for constant on-board monitoring. In this sense, we suggest requesting priority disembarkation with our team on Sunday from 08AM and we recommend that you schedule an RT-PCR test exam at the Guarulhos Airport (GRU) laboratory, which has this facility with results within 5 hours of the same day. Consult!

Will the protocols change the departure and arrival times at the Port of Santos?

At first, the Embarkation (12:00 to 5:00PM) and Disembarkation (08:00 to 10:00AM) times are maintained. However, we suggest following the information with pre-determined times that will be sent in groups to all passengers, together with other information and instructions for Check-in and Embarkation/Disembarkation. IMPORTANT: our recommendation is that you arrive at the Port of Santos/SP at the pre-determined time and do not be late after 5PM, as baggage handling and the terminal gates can be closed from this time onwards to avoid crowding.

How will the control of queues and “agglomerations” at the Port of Santos be?

All passengers with Confirmed reservations will receive from November 30, 2021 the link to Early Web Check-in directly from Costa Cruise with PDFs containing all Check-in and Boarding information, including baggage dispatch and especially check-in group schedules -in. To avoid crowding at the Port of Santos/SP, you must arrive at the passenger terminal exclusively from this informed time! In addition, we emphasize that also aiming to minimize crowding, your Check-in will be divided into 3 stages: Baggage Dispatch, Screening (where all necessary health documents must be delivered and checked) and Costa Check-in (where yours must be checked. H&H and Costa for Shipping documents). Remember that passengers in Special Suites and CLUBE H&H members (Superior and Premium categories) have priority boarding. Stay tuned!

What if I don’t have the “Covid Insurance”?

This type of insurance with “Covid coverage” is recommended by Costa Cruises, especially given the local operational plans signed with the municipalities of the cruise ship’s stops and events on land. If you do not have insurance at the time of boarding, you must sign a liability term at the Port of Santos/SP and your disembarkation and boarding at stops may be restricted by the crew. Remembering that from the beginning, H&H included free travel basic insurance for all passengers. If you simply want to “upgrade” to this coverage, login to our H&H TOUR system and add this extra product by November 24, 2021. Please see additional coverage slide and special conditions at time of purchase in our system.

What will the controls be like on board the ship, especially regarding distancing and the use of masks?

The main control of space capacity and the instruction of all passengers are the sole responsibility of the shipping company (Costa Cruise) and its respective crew. However, H&H will use its best efforts, together with its production team, staff, security, and the like, to guide and instruct our audience. Remember that GOOD SENSE must always prevail on board or on land. We are counting on you to make a unique and unforgettable festival!

Will private events be allowed on board (such as weddings, anniversary, other)?

YES, if previously booked with H&H team. We remind you that due to these special protocols, any “private events” on board must be authorized by H&H and Costa. In addition, any demand for cocktails, cake orders, drinks, space clearance, among others, must be carried out and confirmed exclusively on board with our Hospitality and Food & Beverage staff at the H&H service desk on Deck 3. If you have any demand in this regard, we suggest contacting our team right after your embark on Thursday (Dec, 9).

If I want to cancel my reservation now because I don’t have the vaccine or I don’t comply with some of the mandatory protocols, how should I proceed?

Currently, the CANCELLATION POLICY for H&H FESTIVAL 2021 – Cruise Edition packages is basically divided between reservations made BEFORE (until Aug, 26 of 2020 – without any refund for cancellation) or AFTER (after Sep, 07 of 2020 – with a policy of reimbursement according to the travel contract and proximity to the date of departure) of the notice of cancellation of the 2020 edition due to the state of public calamity of “Covid-19”, in accordance with Brazilian Law No. 14,046, of August, 24 of 2020.
However, always aiming at the well-being of all our passengers, once again H&H will make an exception and launch the VOLUNTARY CANCELLATION Campaign, because if you are not comfortable traveling at this time due to the new protocols announced, and if you have a “real, feasible and tangible reason” that is proven to make your boarding impossible, check this special campaign where you can convert the amount paid (total or partial) for your cabin into CLUBE H&H credits, regardless of whether your reservation is before or after the cancellation/postponement of the festival from 2020 to 2021. Consult our service team and check all the specific rules, as well as the special conditions of this promotional campaign, restricted and exclusive according to eligibility, for a determined period, and may change at any time without prior notice: http://www.planetahh.com.br/en/festival/postponement.

Is it really safe to board H&H this year?

YES. We are working hard so that all our passengers can enjoy the festival with maximum leisure and safety. GET READY, very soon we will be together again. See you at H&H later this year!
Check all the complete information about the OFFICIAL PROTOCOLS at: https://www.planetahh.com.br/en/festival/official-protocols/.

How the global situation is impacting the festival’s programming?


ALL artists and label parties previously announced are CONFIRMED for the new H&H Festival 2021 – Cruise Edition. We would like to say beforehand that H&H has been working very early (since September of 2019) in the production and programming of our festival on board a ship cruise. We will bring to our audience very cool innovations, new national and international partnerships, events, simultaneous activities and much more.

Can we trust in H&H Entretenimento?


We believe that our history precedes us… We have more than 13 years of experience and among all our essences and fundamental pillars of our positioning and vision, we have Trust, Credibility, Professionalism and Quality. We are committed to the diversity, well-being and life of our audience and our community. As our manifesto says, we are grateful that many of our passengers have already bought a very tightly wrapped “box” without knowing what is inside. We have a mission to not only cultivate passengers, but above all to win fans. So, if we have a certainty in life, it is that everyone can trust us (whether new or old passengers and fans of H&H).

A special message from H&H…


We sincerely believe that the main question should not be if “this festival is really going to happen”, because YES it will happen! Or even if “it all goes away”, as this situation will GO away! The question we should be asking is what we are doing today for our community. Our activities cannot and will not stop, we work with dreams and magic, and this flame will never go out. We count on you, today and always, we will see each other at H&H FESTIVAL on our Ship Cruises and at our Resorts, be in 2021, 2022, 2023,…, strong, always!

Why was this date chosen for the H&H cruise?

The date of our cruise was chosen very carefully of the new ship dynamics on the Brazilian coast by season, as it arrives in Brazil in December every year. In addition, we have the issue of boarding and disembarkation times, as well as all onboard and shore party schedules, as we will have a new format of events and bring many surprises that will be announced soon. Wait!

Will this be the only H&H edition in 2021 or will have a Resort like every year?

YES this will be the only edition of H&H in 2021! The big annual edition of the H&H Festival 2021 will take place on board the ship exclusively.

What will the ship be?

Welcome aboard COSTA FASCINOSA at the H&H Festival 2021 – Cruise Edition! (note: the Costa Fascinosa vessel is identical to the Costa Favolosa vessel that had been previously announced)! An international ship cruise, directly from Italy, with a capacity of almost 5,000 people (including guests and crew), with 290 meters and 114,500 tons! A unique cruise that will take you to explore the Hidden Oceans of our Secret Planet next year.

What will be the itinerary?

The entire itinerary and itinerary of our cruise will have 3 destinations and 2 incredible stops: Port of Santos (SP) – Ilhabela (SP) – Angra dos Reis (RJ) – Port of Santos (SP). The events on land is subject to weather conditions and local safety protocols against contamination by Covid-19 from the cruise ship and local governments (which may change without prior notice). See more details at: https://www.planetahh.com.br/en/cruise/itinerary.

What are the cruise stops?

Our confirmed stops will be: Ilhabela (SP) – Angra dos Reis (RJ). We emphasize that such stops are subject to change, without prior notice, and in the extreme case of the need to change the itinerary to a location other than the one previously announced, the disembarkation/boarding of passengers at the new regular stop will be allowed without the holding of local events.

What to do if the ship’s itinerary is changed within a few days of departure?

Stops and itineraries are subject to change due to climatic factors, for example, or due to local safety protocols against contagion of Covid-19 by the cruise ship’s and local governments.

Will have ground tickets be sold?

NO – in accordance with the announced protocols, we will not have any kind of external local audience at land events other than our festival group aboard the ship.

Where will the ship depart?

Port of Santos (Sao Paulo) which is the largest port in Latin America.

Why choose a cruise? Is it really comfortable?

It’s a totally innovative experience that H&H uniquely brings to you.

Is there a special wedding / honeymoon program?

Yes. For private events, subject to prior reservation and authorization from H&H and Costa, consult our service team at the H&H desk on deck 3 of the ship immediately after boarding.

Can I celebrate my honeymoon on a cruise?

Yes. For private events, subject to prior reservation and authorization from H&H and Costa, consult our service team at the H&H desk on deck 3 of the ship immediately after boarding.

Is travel insurance necessary?

We have already included TravelAce (Global Assistance) travel insurance in your package (basic coverage) completely free of charge (see all rules, conditions and restrictions). If you want to purchase a complementary insurance, feel free. Costa Cruises recommends contracting insurance with complementary coverage of “Covid-19” (check restrictions for boarding and stops, in addition to the liability term in case of non-contracting). Consult!

Can I board another destination (stop) or do I need to board and land in Santos?

No. Every embarkation and disembarkation of our cruise will be in the Port of Santos (SP).

Where should I buy my airline tickets?

São Paulo / SP (GRU, CGH or VCP).

Will there be transfer to Port of Santos?

Yes. Transfer Sao Paulo Airport (GRU or CGH) / Port of Santos – Cruise Passenger Terminal / Sao Paulo Airport (GRU or CGH). Buy online it now!

What are the accepted payment methods?

International Regular Packages are sold by international non-present credit card (issued outside Brazil).

Should I pay additional fees and charges amounts?

No! All mandatory port and service charges and fees are already included in the value of your package.

Should I tip the cruise staff?

It is not mandatory as all mandatory port and service charges are already included in the value of your package.

What will the Pre Check-In be like?

When finalizing your reservation in our system (after completing and confirming the full payment for your cabin) you will be able to download the H&H voucher that guarantees your trip. Within 10 working days of boarding (until November 24, 21), it will no longer be allowed to make any changes or inclusion of passengers in your reservation, as well as the appointment of passengers with complete registrations, in particular the mandatory fields for boarding a cruise ship, we will send you a link by email with all the instructions for you to pre-Check in online, as well as print your luggage tags. IMPORTANT: update your registration in the H&H service system with MANDATORY information for your boarding (full name and companions, RG and CPF, date of birth and contact telephone number) according to the notification email already sent to all passengers with confirmed reservations . IMPORTANT: Reservations are subject to cancellation (total or partial) if this information is not updated in the H&H TOUR system by Nov, 24 of 2021!

Will you have partnerships with Parking at Porto of Santos?

No, but there is an official outsourced parking at Port or Santos. However, we recommend purchasing our In/Out Transfer to Port of Santos.

Recommendations for departure day?

Check all the recommendations for the day of departure, which will also be sent to you by email from November 30, 2021 with Check-in instructions, with details of the protocols, in addition to all tips for the festival on our official hotsite or follow @planetahh on our social media.

What documentation should I bring for the cruise?

Foreign passengers must carry valid original Passport with entry visa (if required). Check all additional health documents required for boarding according to official protocols announced!

What is a guaranteed cabin?

These are predetermined cabins at the time of purchase. Soon more details. Cabin or Suite numbers (even those with preferential pre-allocation) will be entered only on the day before departure with submission of Check-in Documentation and Check-In Voucher.

Are excursions optional?

Yes. But we will not have shore excursions, only our events. See the full festival program!

Is it mandatory to book excursions on a cruise?


What are the characteristics of the cabins?

Cabin detailing, see: http://www.planetahh.com.br/en/cruise/cabins-and-suites/

What is the boarding time for a cruise?

Check-in will take place from 12:00 (noon) until 6:00PM from the date of departure. Check-in will be sent by e-mail with all necessary documentation as well as schedules for departure groups to avoid crowding at the Port of Santos/SP. Pay attention to closing baggage check and closing gates at the departure terminal until 5 pm.

Recommendations for check-out day?

Check-out will take place from 08:00AM until 10:00AM on the date of disembarkation. Check-in/out will be sent by e-mail with all necessary documentation, as well as disembarkation reports according to cabin or suite category will be informed to all passengers the night before disembarkation. If you want your suitcase to be sent directly to the Port of Santos/SP, it must be placed in the door of your cabin the night before disembarking (see schedules and procedures on board).

What does not include cruise package?

Consult the complete program of the festival on board the cruise ship at: http://www.planetahh.com.br/en/program/.

What does cruise package include?

Consult the complete program of the festival on board the cruise ship at http://www.planetahh.com.br/en/program/.

Do I have to get vaccinated to cruise?

YES! See all mandatory protocols for boarding!

I am motor disabled. Can I take a cruise?

Of course yes! See all PNE (adapted) cabin/stateroom options.

Are all internal cabins at the cruise ship the same?

Yes. The internal staterooms are the same, there may be a difference in style and decoration only, what changes are the floors of the ship where it is located. Outside cabins/staterooms may have obstructed view window (see).

What kind of external cabins/staterooms can I find on a cruise ship?

Cabin/Staterooms detailing, see: http://www.planetahh.com.br/en/cruise/cabins-and-suites/.

Can I customize my cabin as on overseas themed cruises?

Yes, feel free to customize your cabin door as it happens on theme cruises around the world, use your creativity!

How should I dress on the cruise?

As this is an exclusive charter, no special dress code is required (except for hygiene reasons such as the use of swim trunks in restaurants, which will not be allowed, and the like). See also new policies and protocols (ex. use of masks on board). Also, we suggest checking the “dress code” for each of our nightly events!

Do you eat well on a cruise?

Yes. The ship has different buffet (note: according to the new protocols, the “self services” restaurants will be suitable with “buffet served” by a crew member) or a la carte restaurants (included in your package) or special themed a la carte restaurants (with separate reservations and payments).

Will we have all inclusive system as in the resort?

The ship’s system will be Premium Full Board (see details). There are drinks packages that can be purchased separately (closed, sales of these packages only on board the ship – remembering that some extras on board will only be valid for purchase from all members of the same cabin/stateroom), as well as some categories of Regular Packages staterooms and suites will include this service (see).

What is gala dinner?

There will be no “gala dinner” on our cruise ship. Consult the complete program, as well as watch out for the different activities that H&H has created in its Onboard Experiential Line-ups!

How are payments made on board?

Onboard payments are made exclusively through an international credit card which is enabled on your onboard account at check-in (check the totems to enable your cards on board the ship) or cash via “preload”. Remembering that all values ​​traded on board are in US Dollars (USD).

Will I be communicable during the cruise?

Yes! When the ship is near shore or at stops, your mobile phone is normally. When the ship is sailing, all calls are satellite at the cost of international calls, and there are wifi packages on board for purchase and payment separately.

During a cruise the ship rocks a lot?

It depends on speed, wind, weather and a number of factors (such as the location of your cabin or where you are on the ship, such as the front, back or center), but relax that a ship of this size does not sway so much.

What happens in case of illness?

All medical care of the ship is performed at the ship’s medical station and under the responsibility of the cruise staff. As all onboard medical care is paid separately, we include TravelAce Insurance (Global Assistance – basic coverage plan, except “Covid-19”) in your package which reimburses any medical care you may need (see all rules, conditions and restrictions at http://www.hhentretenimento.com.br/hh2021/produtos/HH2021_SeguroTravelAce.pdf). It is worth mentioning that prevention measures and special protocols against Covid-19, involving before, during and after the cruise and festival!.

Is smoking allowed on board?

Yes, but only in navigation and in predetermined external areas.

What is day-by-day?

Consult the complete program of the festival on board the cruise ship at http://www.planetahh.com.br/en/program/.

Is it possible to change cabin after boarding?

Cruise and Ship Rules and Conditions at http://www.hhentretenimento.com.br/hh2021/produtos/HH2021_RulesConditions.pdf.

Is it possible to have breakfast in the cabin/stateroom?

Depending on the type of Cabin/Stateroom or Special Suite yes, consult!

Is it possible to bring pets onboard?

No! Except for special conditions such as guide dogs (see).

Are there daily activities on the cruise?

Consult the complete program of the festival on board the cruise ship at: http://www.planetahh.com.br/en/program/.

How can I know the daily activities on board the ship?

Consult the complete program of the festival on board the cruise ship at: http://www.planetahh.com.br/en/program/.

Are there any shops on board?

Yes. In fact, all the stores on board the ship are in the “Duty Free” format with super attractive prices. Check out!

Can I do laundry on board a cruise?

Yes! Laundry service with separate payment.

What restrictions are there on a cruise to take on board or what are the rules and conditions of the festival on board the ship?

See all details of the Rules and Conditions at the time of your booking! Or download it at http://www.hhentretenimento.com.br/hh2021/produtos/HH2021_RulesConditions.pdf.

Can I have internet on board a cruise?

Yes! Internet package is sold separately.

Will I meet a lot of people during the cruise?

Yes! People from different parts of Brazil and abroad like every year at H&H!

Will I have dinner shift? Can I change the dinner shift after being on board?

The a la carte restaurants (included in the packages) will be in the “Open Seat” format with predetermined times without dinner shifts. Consult on board the ship!

How does security aboard a cruise ship work?

All cruise security personnel are the responsibility of the ship’s officers, as well as the Brazilian Federal Police.

What is the official language on board?

Portuguese, but the ship’s staff speaks primarily English and several other languages.

When / how should I schedule my return flight home?

Check-in / out details will be sent by email with all instructions. However, we recommend that your return flight be at least 3pm on Sunday (Dec, 12 of 2021).

After all, what is the BIG DIFFERENTIAL of this cruise?

All H&H energy aboard a ship! We wait you all onbord!