SECRET PLANET, exploring hidden oceans…

After exploring different sensations on the continents of the SECRET PLANET, its time to a new adventure in search of SUN and FUN, discovering the mysteries and pleasures of HIDDEN OCEANS. In this new adventure, the FINAL of our trilogy, visitors of the Secret Planet will discover VENTURIA, the city of adventures, in addition to a constant search for ETERNUM, the legendary island of magic and eternal youth. On board our CRUISE, you will discover that the limits to feel and enjoy life go far beyond the horizon. On the seas, everything is possible.

ATTENTION! Unfortunately, H&H Entretenimento tried until the last moment to make our ETERNUM event viable on a private island in Angra dos Reis (Rio de Janeiro), which had already been planned for over two years, but due to the protocols of the local municipal government, we were not authorized days before. Because of that, always aiming for the best for its audience, we chose to extend the event on land in Ilhabela (Sao Paulo) the day before, as well as incrementing the event on board on the day of this stop with all line-up of DJs planned, in addition we changed the itinerary to stay in navigation for that day and enjoy an endless horizon and one of the most beautiful sunsets ever seen in the middle of the ocean. We hope these changes have offset the adjustments we were forced to make, and we reiterate that H&H, as it has been for more than 13 years, has strived to deliver as much as possible within all the limitations imposed on us. THANKS!

H&H FESTIVAL has already taken place all over Brazil, from the northern coast of Bahia, Cumbuco in Ceará, Porto de Galinhas in Pernambuco, Trancoso, Florianopolis, among other locations in special editions or occasional events. Now is the time to get to know our new paradisiacal destinations, together in the same festival. H&H Festival 2021 – Cruise Edition departs and returns to the Port of Santos (Sao Paulo) and will have two incredible stops, with unique and exclusive Day Parties: the first stop will be at Ilhabela (Sao Paulo) with an unforgettable Beach Party on land; and the second stop will be at Angra dos Reis (Rio de Janeiro) on an exclusive island with a unique event on a breathtaking beach. Get to know more!

 We will have at the festival an UNPRECEDENTED PROGRAM (besides these 2 Day Parties on land, also 3 Sunset Pool Parties and 3 Night events, in addition to a simultaneous program and all other Experiential Line-ups), totally different from any itineraries and regular cruise ship stops. Without a doubt, it will be a new experience, full of unforgettable emotions!