● Promotional extra daily rate additional to the festival package, regardless of category, on the night of November 13-14 (Wednesday)
● Special Resort program included in this extra day (soccer and volleyball championship as well as new night event);
● Special Porto de Galinhas program included in this extra day (Buggy ride or Jangada/Raft with diving).


● Extra Daily rates before or after the festival with prices per apartment, according to Marupiara by GJP Hotel, including exclusively Breakfast at the respective hotel.
● Extended Daily rate valid for Enotel guests on the night of November, 13 exclusively (however, if you opt to purchase the regular extra night from the new Hotel on the night before the festival, you will automatically have access to H&H activities).


● In/Out Transfer to/from Recife Airport / Resort or Hotel / Recife Airport;
● Regular, round-trip service, together with other passengers linked to the flight’s arrival time.


● Individual VIP Upgrade (VIP Area Bracelet of main event of the festival – Saturday night only);
● With voucher (cashless card, non-refundable) of R$ 200,00 consummation


● Other Extra Daily Rates or Late Check-out at the Enotel Resort: will not be sold (neither before nor after the festival – except Extended Experience Extra Day);
● Early Check-in: on request, upon availability, with direct payment at the Hotel/Resort.

NOTE: Other additional services (such as: Transfers, VIP Upgrade, among others) must be purchased separately and exclusively for those who have already their official festival package, and can be included at any time, as well as exclusive responsibility of its third-party suppliers, the customer exempts any liability of H&H Entretenimento in this regard. Extended Experience Extra Day limited, valid exclusively for the night of November 13-14 (activities of this day subject to change without notice, choices of program subject to RSVP, raft ride with dive subject to tide board) with extra prices per apartment (regardless of category, but the settings of the original package must be maintained in this previous night). Amounts in pre-fixed and referential US dollars (USD) – exchange USD 1.00 = R$ 4.00 from Dec, 14 of 2018 subject to variation on the day of closing the extra product in Brazilian R$. See all the rules and conditions of these extra and additional products.