Due to the global situation and the problems faced by the “Covid-19 pandemic”, thinking about the health of all passengers, employees, suppliers and the like, H&H Entretenimento has postponed the H&H FESTIVAL 2020 – CRUISE EDITION from 11 until 14 of December of 2020 aboard Costa Fascinosa ship to the H&H FESTIVAL 2021 – CRUISE EDITION from 9 until 12 of December of 2021 aboard Costa Favolosa ship (or similar ship by the same owner Costa Crociere), all in accordance with Brazilian law, with automatic rebooking of all packages (promotional and/or regular international packages) with “confirmed” status at H&H TOUR online service system (exclusively reservations fully paid until the moment of cancellation and postponement of the festival).

First of all we would like to share the hard work that we have had over the past few months, not only monitoring this global situation, but above all on one side understanding our customer, opening a direct communication channel with all our passengers, as well as on the other side working with our H&H value chain to make the best decision. We always aim for greater TRANSPARENCY, we were confirmed with the festival for December this year, however we changed this decision due to the desire of the audience itself and also because of our monitoring of the global situation.

H&H would like to make it clear that Brazilian law (Provisional Measure 948 from the Federal Government, recently approved by Congress) establishes, as the only way of not generating a collapse in the tourism and entertainment sector in Brazil, a series of rules on postponing or canceling trips and events. That is, if the producer or tour operator makes at least one option available to the passenger for rescheduling the trip or event, this producer or operator will be released from the obligation to reimburse the customer. H&H, as we will present and as we also anticipated earlier, are delivering to ALL of our passengers, apart from the automatic rescheduling of their package, a BENEFIT PACKAGE, which goes far beyond this law precisely as a way of GRATITUDE to all our passengers who are more than customers, but fans of our festival!


We are convinced that H&H’s trust and credibility generates its REPUTATION! As we have said several times that we like not only to meet a high expectation but every year to exceed the expectation of all our customers, especially now with so many passengers who continue to trust, even in this time of uncertainty, we have GREAT NEWS that we will announce, in addition of a package of exclusive benefits for EVERYONE who have their reservation CONFIRMED in our system. First to our news:

CRUISE EDITION: a new date in 2021 on an even better ship

RESORT EDITION: a new Save the Date for 2022 soon

CLUBE H&H: an innovation for our segment, a loyalty program with a subscription club

OTHER NEWS: soon also we will announce complete programs, experiential line-ups, destinations, itineraries, events on land, a new H&H Festival 2020 – Virtual Edition and much more!

Anyone who already has a confirmed reservation don´t need to worry, as the date of the voucher will be automatically changed on the H&H TOUR online service system, in addition to changing the ship to its very similar “twin” with the same capacity, categories and infrastructure on board, just login and download the new document.

Everyone with confirmed PROMOTIONAL PACKAGES (“Superpromo, Promo Lote 2 and Combos” that always had the best cost/benefit and were not eligible for reimbursement in case of cancellation) will receive as BONUS:

  • Automatic reschedule and immediate category upgrade (from INTERNAL to EXTERNAL cabin/stateroom)
  • Cashback of “R$ in POINTS” from the new Clube H&H to purchase extras, discounts in the future packages on the Resort or donations and much more!

Everyone who has confirmed REGULAR PACKAGES (from internal category to presidential suites) will receive as COURTESY:

  • Automatic reschedule (keeping the configuration of the purchased cabin unchanged)
  • UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY! Free of charge, we will give the new H&H PASS to the H&H Festival 2022 – Resort Edition (free access to all events of our next festival on land); or cashback of “R$ in POINTS” from the new Clube H&H that can be considered an even bigger discount if you want to upgrade to a promotional package for the Resort, for example, including accommodation and not only access to festival events; or even more points that can be used in the future to purchase extras or donations and much more!

Do you still want a REFUND? See the conditions, because if you choose not to have any of these BONUSES in our BENEFIT PACKAGE, even H&H is not required by Brazilian law, we will refund the total of “R$” paid for the reservation converted into the equivalent in POINTS (credits) of our new Clube H&H in 12 months after the end of the state of public calamity in Brazil, that is, your credit will be released until December, 31 of 2021 (after our “Cruise Edition”), as required by law, in the new Clube H&H.

Those who have not completed their reservation or are pending before the date of announcement of this postponement (Aug, 24-26 of 2020), will be granted a period of 1 week to regularize and confirm this reservation (until Aug, 31 of 2020). However, even after relentless attempts at contacts made by our team, unfortunately we will not be able to extend this benefit package to such reservations that are not fully confirmed, completed, and paid into our system after this date. In this sense, if any reservation still remains with partial payment and/or some subsequent pending, this will already be classified as a new reservation on the new festival date on a regular basis.

Anyway, be it in 2021, 2022, 2023… H&H will always work to deliver you more and better! We have given a STOP OF SALES but we are BACK and several categories of cabins and special suites are selling out quickly! We continue with CONSTANT MONITORING until all this global situation is all over… and it will be over! In addition to Costa’s official protocols, H&H will adopt complementary measures to guarantee your LIFE and SAFETY, whether on the ship or at the resort. You can always trust on us!


This BENEFIT PACKAGE will be validated directly with each passenger that has already purchased the package, or together with the “first passenger” of each reservation, so stay tuned to your email and/or mobile and any questions just contact us with our H&H TOUR team at, +55 11 3280 6001, or other H&H service channels. See all the procedures, deadlines and general rules of this Benefit Package at (Portuguese version only):

SCHEDULE (subject to change):

  • Aug, 23: stop of sales (all packages have been temporarily removed from the sales system).
  • Aug, 24-26: announcement of the cancellation and postponement of H&H Festival 2020/21 (call to action).
  • Aug, 31: deadline for reservations with pending issues and/or redemption of canceled reservations; deadline for unaccompanied booking names (regular benefits package – individual and non-cumulative).
  • Sept, 7: deadline for ‘acceptance’ of the benefits package rules and conditions; reopening of sales.
  • Oct, 7: deadline for sending the email from the Clube H&H platform (login, password and bonus points – according to the type of benefit package); entries in the program (restricted to this audience profile of the postponement).
  • Oct, 21: deadline for passengers to register and become members of the Clube H&H, as well as validate their virtual wallets with the receipt of the bonus points (activation); launch of first products at Clube H&H (restricted and to be confirmed).
  • Nov, 10: deadline for the validity of all bonus points at Clube H&H; end of the deadline initial products; GENERAL LAUNCH OF CLUBE H&H (open to the market).


All information about Brazilian law (MP 348 and Conversion Law (PLV) 29/2020 – Portuguese version only)

Access to the H&H TOUR service system to download your new voucher (note: international audience will receive the new voucher directly from our team)

Updated rules and conditions for the festival (English version)

Specific rules and conditions of the additional bonus benefits package (Portuguese version only):

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